Action Futsal (Soccer)

Played with 5 players on court plus up to 3 substitutes, Action Futsal is an exciting adaptation of the world game– as well as combining some of the key Futsal rules. It is a continuous game played within nets, allowing for non-stop rebound action for social or competitive teams. The game emphasises the importance of teamwork with running, passing and ball skills to provide a high energy, fast moving game. Low-bounce Futsal soccer balls are used on our new Taraflex FUTSAL specific surface to maximise skill level whilst minimising the risk of injury.These hugely popular sports showcase the unique skills of the outdoor and international versions of the game with the convenience of indoors and professional competition management.



Action Futsal Open 5-a-side competitions run from Monday to Friday & Sunday.

SEASON REGISTRATION FEES:$20 per player per season (inc. GST)
GAME FEES:$90 per team per game (inc. GST)
To be paid on game night at reception.
MONOPEN MENS6.20pm7.00pm7.40pm8.20pm9.00pm9.40pm10.20pm
TUESOPEN & LADIES6.20pm7.00pm7.40pm8.20pm9.00pm9.40pm10.20pm
WEDOPEN MENS6.20pm7.00pm7.40pm8.20pm9.00pm9.40pm10.20pm
THURSOPEN & MIXED6.20pm7.00pm7.40pm8.20pm9.00pm9.40pm10.20pm
SUNDAYOPEN, MIXED & LADIES3.00pm3.40pm4.20pm5.00pm5.40pm6.20pm


ACTION Futsal Junior 5-a-side competitions run Thursday and Friday.

SEASON REGISTRATION FEES:$20 per player per season (inc. GST)
GAME FEES:$12 per player per game (inc. GST)
THURSDAY (GRADES 1-4):4.25pm5.00pm5.35pm
FRIDAY (YEARS 5-12):4.25pm5.00pm5.35pm6.10pm6.45pm7.20pm7.55pm8.30pm


Action is all about enjoying yourselves socially. Here are some tips on getting a team together:

  • Don’t necessarily try and gather an entire team before you register.
  • Get interest from 3 or 4 friends & nominate for a trial game, this sets a date to get started.
  • Encourage your friends to each recruit 1 or 2 of their friends for the trial game.
  • When you have played together under trial/beginner conditions you’ll soon discover how much fun it is and the only problem you’ll have is cutting back the numbers.